Author: Lucy

Laundry Play Area

Never too early to teach kids the joys of doing laundry. I cut holes in the boxes but since I did it on the openings of the boxes, I had to reinforce the doors with additional pieces of cardboard. If you have a bigger box or your box is cube shaped, you won’t have to Read More

Garden Update

This year, instead of buying potting soil, we made our own by mixing top soil and our compost. We have excellent soil in the backyard and you can’t dig up a plant without having a worm hanging on to it. I read that potting soil had a lot of chemicals that were harmful to worms Read More

Pine Cone Discovery

Sean and Zack been doing sinking and floating experiments while I work on the garden. They would gather things from the backyard and drop them into their blue bucket. They didn’t clean up one day and when we saw the bucket, we were surprised to see that the pine cone closed up. We thought that Read More

Making my first Waldorf doll

I have recently joined a Waldorf group that is trying to start a school here in Indianapolis. Even though I can’t say that we are living the Waldorf lifestyle, we have been weaning away from technology and getting rid of toys around the house that are not conducive to imaginative play. One of the things Read More

Beetle Piñata

My friend, Summer, asked me to make a piñata for her daughter’s bug themed party. I asked her what kind of bug Ruby wanted and she said a beetle. I couldn’t decide if I should make a ladybug since it was for a girl’s 4th birthday party or a more realistic looking bug. When a little Read More


Living in Los Angeles and then Austin, I thought moss only grew in faraway, fantastical places like Middle-earth or Canada. I was more than excited to find patches of moss growing right in my back yard here in Indiana. I decided to build some terrariums before it got hotter and the moss dries up. It’s Read More

Raised beds

Andy built me some raised beds for my garden area in the backyard. The plans were pretty easy and it just took Andy a few hours to build them. This is the wood you need for one bed: He didn’t have enough posts for one of the beds so he attached two smaller pieces. These Read More

Mortar and pestle chalk painting

We left some chalk out in the rain so they were perfect for smashing to make paint. You can do it with chalk that has not been left in water but it’s harder to break up. Add water and the chalk color becomes very vibrant. And go to town! Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt

I love holidays and I find it as a great way to get kids to remember months and seasons. Once in a while I post seasonal activities here but once all the activities are done, the holiday has passed and no one wants to read about activities that they have to wait a year to Read More

Library Play Area

We go to the library once a week and we love the self check-out kiosk. The kids always fight to be the one to scan the library card and books so I thought they would love a library area at home. They each have a Dr. Seuss book bag and I have two baskets of Read More

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