Author: Lucy

Sean’s Art Party

An important lesson about planning birthday parties is to not to throw one on Sunday morning because a lot of people in Indiana go to church. We invited Sean’s whole class but only a few were able to come. Fortunately, Sean’s cousin, Aiden, was in town and Sean’s friend, Ruby and her siblings, were able Read More

Big Fat Hen!

Sean’s school had a nursery skit show and Sean and his friend were responsible for the rhyme, “1,2 Buckle My Shoe”. The parents are responsible for the costumes and the props. Besides the shirts, I also made this big, fat hen. It started as this globe that we made from paper mache a few years Read More

Is it okay to eat snow?

Last winter, my kids and I carried a cup of fresh snow into the house and added lemonade mango juice and ate it like a snow cone. Only afterwards did it occur to me to look up on the internet if it was okay to eat snow. I typed, “Is it okay to eat snow?” Read More

Martinmas Lantern Walk

Last week, I hosted a lantern walk for Martinmas for my Indy Waldorf group. Unlike Michaelmas or May Day, Martinmas is a more somber celebration. We made our lanterns using the papier mache method. We used tissue paper and a flour and hot water mixture. The tissue paper clumped a lot so after the kids Read More

Zack’s Z-Party

Z recently turned 3 and we had a birthday for him when we were in California with my family. It was a nice party but I think at age 3, kids are able to comprehend the specialness of a birthday so I decided to throw him a party with some of his little friends. I also Read More

Huckle Cat Costume for Halloween

My kids have loved all the Richard Scarry books since they were young and recently have become obsessed with the show, Busytown Mysteries. The characters are so sweet and charming. Huckle Cat, the main character in the show, is always so polite even when pointing out why his friends are TOTALLY WRONG about a mystery. Read More

Seanbot 2.0

I like to make the kids’ costumes each year for Halloween and when I asked Sean what he wanted to be, he said he wanted to be a robot. This was fine except he was a robot last year. I tried to change his mind but he was fixed on being a robot except this Read More

Stain Glass Effect Painting

 I showed my kids some pictures of stained glass and then we made these pictures. First, I mixed the regular school glue with a little black acrylic paint. I usually use the candy squeezer containers that you can find at Michael’s since the lid doesn’t get as mucked up as the regular tops on the Read More

Printing with Jello

This is a wacky printing activity. First, make some non-flavored jello in a container. The small box had four packets and I used them all with hot water and then cold water. It rested in the refrigerator overnight and the next day, we were ready to print. I let the kids spread out some poster Read More

Waldorf inspired toys

Recently, we celebrated Mayfair with our Waldorf group. I’ve been inspired to do more Waldorf crafts. Here’s an easy wind wand based on a Waldorf book about toys. The book said to make the circular handle from wound up cane but I couldn’t find any cane at Michaels. I did find this small wreath made of twigs Read More

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