Sean’s Art Party

By: Lucy

Apr 12 2013

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An important lesson about planning birthday parties is to not to throw one on Sunday morning because a lot of people in Indiana go to church. We invited Sean’s whole class but only a few were able to come. Fortunately, Sean’s cousin, Aiden, was in town and Sean’s friend, Ruby and her siblings, were able to celebrate with us. The theme was easy in that I usually hoard art materials so there were not a lot of preparations. I had a lot of things planned but didn’t get to all of them but as I talked to friends that also love to throw themed parties, we came to the conclusion that there’s no way to incorporate everything you want into a party unless you throw the same theme every year. 🙂

My favorite decor was the paint can that looked like it was spilling paint on the table. The can was from Lowe’s and the slippery looking material I got from Indy Upcycle. I especially liked this plop I had on the carpet.


The kids painted their aprons and I had some paper hanging up for them to paint on. I had planned for them to do a collage and do some spaghetti painting but didn’t have time. The wonderful thing about throwing an art party is that whatever you don’t use that day, you can use with the kids later. For example, because I already had the collage stuff, Sean and Zack made robot valentines to give to their classmates and some family members a week later.




IMG_6497I wanted to attach a candy in the middle but since they go to a peanut-free preschool, it was hard finding ones that were made in a nut-free factory. I found a list of acceptable candies and chose the York Peppermint Patties because they were silver and I am not that fond of them so I wouldn’t snack on too many of them.

I also made a pinata in under 5 minutes by using a can opener and removing the bottom of a paint can, putting a paper bag with candy with strings attached, and then tying a string to it.

IMG_6434Happy birthday, Sean, may your life be filled with color and inspiration!




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