Sean and Zack’s Eggscellent Eggventure

By: Lucy

Apr 12 2013

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I can’t eggsplain how eggcited I am to finally share all the eggstraordinary ways we eggsperimented with eggs this Easter. I should stop with the egg puns but there are so many ovum. Onwards and upwards!

First off, we dyed some eggs using natural ingredients with our Waldorf group. We used red cabbage, beet, blueberry, turmeric, and onion skins. We used white and brown eggs.



IMG_6812We tied rubber bands on some to make designs.


We also used a brush dipped in a runny egg mixture to paste some herbs onto some eggs, covered them with pantyhose, and boiled them in onion skins. Once dried, you can scratch off the herbs.







At home, we used liquid watercolor to dye some except I didn’t fill the container all the way up so it left a white spot on each egg. Next, I used a marker to draw a border around the white part and let the kids draw their masterpieces.




We also did some projects at Conner Prairie, a wonderful historical museum with a lot of hands on activities. In one activity, they drew with markers on a cut-out egg shaped paper. Then the lady shaved some chalk into a water bin and placed their creations on the surface. The paper picked up a lot of the chalk shavings and gave it a nice texture.




Another activity they did that the kids enjoyed was a collage using tiny pieces of cloth.


We also made some cascarones. Usually the hole that the confetti goes in is covered by a piece of tissue paper but I just placed a sticker on the opening and it was fine. Good times.





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  1. Zack is an egg all by himself.

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