Zack’s Z-Party

By: Lucy

Nov 04 2012

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Z recently turned 3 and we had a birthday for him when we were in California with my family. It was a nice party but I think at age 3, kids are able to comprehend the specialness of a birthday so I decided to throw him a party with some of his little friends. I also had a Groupon for Hedgehog Hannah to come visit with her animal friends so I thought it would be a perfect chance to throw a Z-themed party.

I made zigzag streamers (thanks Pinterest), served Z foods (zas, baked ziti, zebra cake, zingers, zebra popcorn, zucchini bread, and other items that were under the “Zack Snacks” umbrella), played some z games (Pin the Tail on the Zebra, the Zoom-Zoom Room (transportation type toys), the Zero Gravity Zone (trampoline), Zirconian Dig, etc.), the petting zoo provided by Hedgehog Hannah, and my zigzag Z pinata. It rained that day so I had to bring everything inside and rearranged some things but I think everything turned out well.

I made a two compartment pull string pinata and everyone pulled at the same time and it actually worked!

I pinned all these Pinterest cakes for Z’s party but didn’t have time to make one so I bought a rectangular ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and cut two pieces out of the sides to make a Z shaped cake. The frosting for ice cream cakes is just soft serve ice cream so I used that to cover the sides and piped the Z shape on top.

Happy birthday, Z-man!

Two fun facts about Zack:

1) Zack could have been a Milo. That was our name for him when he was a peanut. Once we told others our choice and not a lot of people were excited about it. We still didn’t have a name for him after he came into the world and Andy was calling him, “Baby X”. Finally, when we were filling out the discharge papers from the hospital, Andy brought up “Zack” which I had mentioned a few months before and from henceforth, the power of the Z-man was unleashed into the world.

2) The Vietnamese alphabet does not have the letter “z” so my parents can’t really pronounce Zack’s name. It comes out more like “Jack”. Interestingly enough, Zack’s middle name is “Danh” which is Vietnamese for “fame and prestige” but there are two types of letter d’s in Vietnamese. The one with a line through it is pronounced like the English “d” as in dog. The d without a line is pronounced like a y in the southern dialect and a z in the northern dialect (we’re South Vietnamese) but it’s not an exact pronunciation so in effect, Andy can’t say Zack’s middle name correctly.


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  1. Wow, that was a lot of work, I’m sure he’ll treasure this memory. Although, I can’t remember anything beyond 4 years of age, but who knows? Maybe the Z Man’s powers extend to really good memory.

    I like the name, definitely better than Milo. Although Milo is an interesting choice, I just think some things are meant to be. Zach just really fits him.

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