Huckle Cat Costume for Halloween

By: Lucy

Oct 29 2012

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My kids have loved all the Richard Scarry books since they were young and recently have become obsessed with the show, Busytown Mysteries. The characters are so sweet and charming. Huckle Cat, the main character in the show, is always so polite even when pointing out why his friends are TOTALLY WRONG about a mystery. The most expensive item for the costume is the vintage lederhosen for $20. But as I see it, it has adjustable straps and can be worn during all Oktoberfests celebrations. I did have to sew on the red and green felt to make it look like Huckle’s outfit.

I made the Zack-sized Lowly Worm doll by cutting out the felt, using a sewing machine to sew them together and then leaving the bottom of the shoe open so I could turn it all out so you can’t see the stitching inside. It was amazingly easy to make Lowly. I used buttons for eyes and I had the hat attached by two pieces of velcro because the guys like to take the hat off and make up silly adventures for Lowly. I also made a bean bag that I placed in Lowly’s shoe so he can stand on his own.

As for the car, I tried to make their yellow and orange cozy coupe into an apple car like the one Lowly drives but I remember this push and ride that we had just sitting in the garage.

I got it for $15 off Craigslist a long time ago when Sean was a toddler because it has the handle in the back. I was going to paint it white to resemble a grain of rice and affix flames on both sides and paint the words, “Rice Rocket” on it. I thought it was hilarious because I’m Asian, I grew up in El Monte, CA, and my cousins actually had souped up Hondas. Just passing on the tradition to my children :). Anyways, that didn’t happen so it was just sitting in the garage waiting for the light of day.

We have a lot of plastic balls from a ball pit that the boys broke so I cut eight of them in half.

I attached each half to the car using super glue. I can not cut very evenly so I held it until it dried and squeezed a layer around the ball after attaching it to the car.

I held it too close to one of the sides so it ran a little. I was going to sand it but Andy said to leave it because it made it look more like a pickle.

Of course this is not play durable. I just made it for Halloween but I was talking to Andy and we decided that putting some kind of drying foam or putting styrofoam balls into the plastic balls and attaching it with epoxy might make it more sturdy.

Here it is all together:

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