Stain Glass Effect Painting

By: Lucy

Aug 02 2012

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 I showed my kids some pictures of stained glass and then we made these pictures. First, I mixed the regular school glue with a little black acrylic paint. I usually use the candy squeezer containers that you can find at Michael’s since the lid doesn’t get as mucked up as the regular tops on the Elmer school glues. Then I gave it to the guys to use to draw on watercolor paper.   Sean understood that the scale of the picture should be big while Zack’s picture was more Jackson Pollack-esque. For the second picture, Sean drew a sun and some flowers with a pencil then outlined it with the black glue. It takes a few hours to dry. Then I gave them droppers, brushes, and cotton swabs to color the pictures. For the first picture, the kids used watercolors and for the second pictures, they used poster paint.    We have been talking about coloring the subject and negative space especially in stain glass pictures. It took him a long time to color all the negative space. He is such a perfectionist that he painted for a while, took a break then finished the picture. *Thanks to my friend, Ivania, who gave me this activity idea.

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  1. How cute! And Sean and I “get” each other 😉

    If you remember the “stained glass” window in our bathroom in Santa Claus, I used what’s called liquid leading. It would be easier than mixing glue and paint and comes in a squeeze bottle with a lid. It’s made by Plaid Enterprises. You can get it at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, etc. It probably dries faster, too. They also make the paints if you wanted to do something on real glass. I did it in our bathroom here and, when we remodeled, peeled it off. The colored paints are called Gallery Glass, but you’d only want to use them if you did it on glass, as they’d be more expensive that kids’ paints.

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