Printing with Jello

By: Lucy

Aug 01 2012

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This is a wacky printing activity. First, make some non-flavored jello in a container. The small box had four packets and I used them all with hot water and then cold water. It rested in the refrigerator overnight and the next day, we were ready to print.

I let the kids spread out some poster paint on the top of the gelatin.

Then we placed some leaves the kids had collected on our morning walk. I helped them spread the leaves out.

I had some paper cut to the size of the container and this was our first print.

We made other prints and they were each lighter and lighter. We even printed on a piece of fabric I had lying around.

We took the leaves off made one final print using with the imprints from the leaves and the green paint background.

Now, instead of the negative space, we made prints of the subjects only.

The guys thought the prints were neat but their favorite part was when I gave them butter knives and let them cut up the gelatin in the bathtub.

The gelatin was an interesting sensory experience. It’s cool and icky feeling. Zack didn’t mind because he even stuck a foot in it.

I asked Zack what it felt like to step in the gelatin and he said, “It feels like I am walking the dog and then I stepped in guacamole.” Hmmm…

4 Responses to “Printing with Jello”

  1. What a wonderful idea, we love those little guys.

  2. You are very creative and the boys must love all the projects you do with them. What a great teacher you are.

    Much love to all,

    Grandma Sally

  3. Thanks, Gene and Sally. Looking forward to seeing both of you in September.

  4. That is a really awesome project. 🙂

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