Waldorf inspired toys

Recently, we celebrated Mayfair with our Waldorf group.

I’ve been inspired to do more Waldorf crafts. Here’s an easy wind wand based on a Waldorf¬†book¬†about toys.

The book said to make the circular handle from wound up cane but I couldn’t find any cane at Michaels. I did find this small wreath made of twigs for $1 that fits the bill. I had some ribbons at home and bought a few more at the store. They flow better if you use the ones without wires. You can just pull the wires out of the ribbons, too. I used a running stitch to attach them. You can make a simpler one by taking a circular wooden teether and tying play silks to it.

My friend, Misha, came to visit us a few months back and while he was gone, there was a big thunderstorm and the pear tree in his front yard was hit by lightning. But he was able to use God’s smite for good by making Sean and Zack some wood blocks.

He used a saw to cut them and then rubbed them with beeswax and olive oil. In the book I mentioned above, they recommended boiled linseed oil. You have to keep them dry and to air them out because we left them in a box in the rain once and some mold grew on some of them. I cleaned them off and sunned them and they were fine again. Even though we use them as outside toys a lot now, we take them in the house when rain is in the forecast.

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