Laundry Play Area

By: Lucy

Jun 13 2012

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Never too early to teach kids the joys of doing laundry. I cut holes in the boxes but since I did it on the openings of the boxes, I had to reinforce the doors with additional pieces of cardboard. If you have a bigger box or your box is cube shaped, you won’t have to do this if you cut on the walls without the openings. I was going to draw control panels for the washer and dryer but felt lazy and did a Google search and printed one out for each and attached them with shipping tape.

There are coin slots and on the top of the washer is a place to put the detergent. If you have seen the movie, Deep Cover, you might get this reference.

But watch out, these machines are not that reliable.

I showed them how to hang clothes on the clothesline. Sean (4) loves it and got it right away. Zack (2) prefers the dryer.

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  1. Awesome.

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