Garden Update

By: Lucy

May 23 2012

Category: yellowpop

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This year, instead of buying potting soil, we made our own by mixing top soil and our compost. We have excellent soil in the backyard and you can’t dig up a plant without having a worm hanging on to it. I read that potting soil had a lot of chemicals that were harmful to worms so we decided to go a more ecological route. I was fearful at first because I’ve only had experience using store bought soil but with our thriving garden, I am now a believer.

I had to make something to support the tomatoes so I used the PVC pipe that Andy made to hold up the raised bed’s tarp in case of inclement weather to fashion a trellis.

I also used bamboo sticks to make a trellis for the peas too. Let’s hope both trellises hold up.

I’ve been using the herbs a lot and they probably have paid for half of the cost of the garden already. But my biggest discovery is that I really like swiss chard.

I grew it for mostly ornamental reasons but my friend Britt told me to cook them with heavy cream and they were heavenly. I also added garlic and leek from the garden and bacon and it was just perfect over some pasta.



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  1. Yeah, plants are only this green for a week or two in TX, then it’s a summer-long battle to keep them moist, and then winter-long catch-up to not let flash frost take them.

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