Making my first Waldorf doll

By: Lucy

Apr 30 2012

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I have recently joined a Waldorf group that is trying to start a school here in Indianapolis. Even though I can’t say that we are living the Waldorf lifestyle, we have been weaning away from technology and getting rid of toys around the house that are not conducive to imaginative play. One of the things that draws me to Waldorf is the love of homemade toys that are comprised of natural, quality materials. Mindi, one of the moms in the group, threw a doll making get together at her house and she gave us all the materials we would need to make a Waldorf doll.

The wool stuffing was provided by Danielle’s sheep which had such a luxurious feel to it that I felt bad using it for stuffing. But the doll is a labor of love and the connection to the wool made it a little more special. To make the head, you have to make a really hard ball of wool and then tie it in a mesh fabric. Next, you tie strings to give the face a shape.

A skin colored wrapping went on top and the doll’s face starts to develop an identity of its own.

Mindi had a lot of clothing fabric laid out but I chose a simple green corduroy. She pinned the shirt to the pants and I just had to sew them together.

I had to go home to put the boys to bed so from here on, I was on my own and I just put everything together based on my own judgement. I placed the head into the clothing and sewed them together. I stuffed the pants and shirt with more wool and then made four small balls of wool and sewed the skin color fabric over to make two hands and two feet. I attached those parts using a running stitch (the only stitch I know how to make). I was going to leave the doll faceless because some Waldorf dolls are made that way so the kids can use their imagination, but the boys thought it was a tad weird and I used embroidery thread to make a simple face. To do this, I had to undo the stitch on the top of the head to hide the knots.

I used some yarn that looked like the color of Zack’s hair and then sewed the hat on and attached it to the shirt. Zack has already taken a liking to the doll and I am hoping it will become a good friend to him for many years to come.

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  1. These pictures are magic.

  2. Thanks, K, you should know 🙂 I’ve been admiring the ones you’re posting to FB.

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