By: Lucy

Mar 30 2012

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Living in Los Angeles and then Austin, I thought moss only grew in faraway, fantastical places like Middle-earth or Canada. I was more than excited to find patches of moss growing right in my back yard here in Indiana. I decided to build some terrariums before it got hotter and the moss dries up.

It’s pretty easy and works with containers with lids or without lids. I started these terrariums last week and even though the ones with lids required less watering (almost none), all the plants in the terrariums are doing well (no bugs, no smells, all plants are alive, etc.).

First, put a layer of rocks. Next, a layer of activated charcoal. You can find it at pet stores. They help keep the aquarium water clean. Then a layer of potting soil. And finally the moss and whatever you want to decorate your terrarium. The kids were able to help with all the steps but I had to plant the moss and plants. I saw a list of terrarium friendly plants on the internet but we just chose some that were near the moss and used them.

You can see the different layers here:

I went to a hobby store and got these little people that were meant to go in model train backgrounds:

They had a group of hobos and a jug band too but I didn’t think the kids would get the folksiness of them. Then I just placed them in the terrariums.

The kids get a kick out of lifting the jar lids and looking at them but the people are too small for them to handle (even though they still take the little people out and play with them). They try to use their dinosaurs in them but the size of the containers limit much movement. I told them we would look for a big container so we can build a more kid friendly terrarium. It has been raining these past two days so I am hopeful that there are more magical moss growing in my backyard.

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  2. This beats Chiapets hands down.

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