Raised beds

By: Lucy

Mar 28 2012

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Andy built me some raised beds for my garden area in the backyard. The plans were pretty easy and it just took Andy a few hours to build them.

This is the wood you need for one bed:

He didn’t have enough posts for one of the beds so he attached two smaller pieces.

These are actually upside down. You need to dig four holes for the posts, flip the beds over, and bury the posts to keep the beds in place. Here are the boys “helping”:

I am trying companion plants this year and it was quite a hassle to find plants that went well together. It was like that riddle of getting the cabbage, a goat, and a tiger across the river without anything being eaten. Garlic helps to keep bugs away from tomato plants and tomato plants don’t like bean plants, etc. The marigold is suppose to help with bugs for the strawberries and bean plants so they are in the second raised bed. Half of the plants I bought at the garden center and half are from seed. Here are the boys with the pea plants they had sprouted in the house.

To fill up each bed, we used our compost pile and mixed it with top soil for the first bed. For the second one, we didn’t have enough compost left so we used top soil and the cheap potting soil that they have in the back. Andy attached four small PVC pipes in the beds and when the weather is bad, we can use these bendy PVC rods to make two arches to attach a cover. You can see them in the beds.

For each bed, it was about $60 for the materials, $30 for the top soil and potting soil, and $20 for the seeds and plants. I can’t wait to taste my $10 tomato and $15 strawberry.

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  1. Gorgeous post, Lucy! I’m inspired, and I don’t even LIKE to garden! Those boys look so happy 🙂

  2. Just how darn cute are those two!

  3. I love the idea of a cover. That would be great for super hot weather too; our garden always gets torched by the sun. I’d appreciate some pics of that if you have a second!

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