St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt

By: Lucy

Mar 12 2012

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I love holidays and I find it as a great way to get kids to remember months and seasons. Once in a while I post seasonal activities here but once all the activities are done, the holiday has passed and no one wants to read about activities that they have to wait a year to do. Fortunately, this year, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early because we are visiting relatives this weekend. We started with a treasure hunt complete with mind boggling clues that will eventually lead to a great surprise. It’s like a page from The Da Vinci Code except without all the controversy and the Holy Grail is a plastic pot filled with chocolate.

I made 10 clues and each clue led to the next clue and finally to the treasure. The clues rhyme and I left out the last word.

The answer to the last clue is shower because the kids love to go into the master bath shower, slide the door shut and pretend to be blasting off to a planet or the market.

They had a hard time with the clue that said two owls are guarding the next clue’s location and only by rereading the clue and walking around the house were they able to figure it out.

I thought ten clues might be too hard but the kids breezed through the rest of the clues and finally got to the last clue: If a rainbow is what you wish to see, Then head to the back of the yard and look up at the apple _____. I used cross stitch thread and made a rainbow on the tree which you cannot see unless you come close to it. I thought yarn would have been too thick and the kids would see the rainbow without going to the other places in the yard.

Sweet, chocolatey success.

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