Library Play Area

By: Lucy

Feb 16 2012

Category: yellowpop


We go to the library once a week and we love the self check-out kiosk. The kids always fight to be the one to scan the library card and books so I thought they would love a library area at home.

They each have a Dr. Seuss book bag and I have two baskets of books. We just had fiction books after our last library trip but I am planning to get some nonfiction books and then having one basket hold nonfiction books while the other hold fiction books or any other category to sort two types of books to get them to understand that library books are categorized at the library. After choosing their books, they scan their library card.

For the cards, I just used extra cards I had in my wallet. The scanner is just a flashlight stuck in the hole of a basket. Next, they have to scan the books. It’s cute to see them scan the cards and books because they make beeping noises like the scanner at the library.

I have a tissue box next to the “scanner” that has receipts in it so they take their receipt when done. They like to take their books to me and I pretend to be the librarian and we have story time. When they are done reading the books with me, they go back to the library and drop the books in the book return.

The kids totally love this play area and Sean wants it set up every day. I made him an Open and Closed sign and in the morning, he turns it to Open, sets up the library, and turn the flashlight on. I feel so lucky having such geeky kids.


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  1. This is awesome. I love it.

  2. I love how creative you are! I’m sure your kids are super-smart. Any suggestions for a working mom? I know you were just as creative when you worked so maybe you have ideas for someone like me. I would love to stay home with Xander, I know it’s what’s best but we can’t afford it. I hope it doesn’t hurt him in any way. : (

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