Salad container gardening

By: Lucy

Feb 13 2012

Category: yellowpop


This is a chives and mesclun mix that I made last spring. Lettuce is always a great choice when planting with kids because it comes up so quickly and doesn’t require spacing or exact amounts of watering. It just requires cool days and a lust for lettuce.

First, make holes on the bottom of the container, add rocks, and then fill with potting soil.

Plant the chives plant in the middle of the container. It doesn’t work from seeds because the chives seeds will mix with the lettuce when you water and you won’t get that visually cascading effect.

Plant the lettuce seeds around the chives plant. I let Sean plant half then I sprinkled my half on top and put a little layer of soil on top. Sean likes to make really deep holes so not all his seeds see the light of day. Then water for a couple of weeks.

We planted in April and I was able to pick and eat a salad a day for a couple of weeks, then we had a really warm weekend and it started wilting and flowering. This year, I hope to plant much earlier and maybe againĀ at the beginning of fall.


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  1. Lucy- I’m going to give this a try with my Upside Down Tomato Stand. I bought a spinach plant today and have some chives and basil seeds, but it sounds like you yours in reverse. So, reading this makes me think I will start my chives in a pot and transplant a little later. Any other advice?

  2. My only advice is to not put it in full sunlight because the chives and spinach will wilt. I have one going and I thought it was dying but I moved it to the side of the house and it’s flourishing. I am not sure about combinations but sometimes some of the plants flower before the others so it’s good to get ones with similar harvesting times.

  3. Thanks!!! I will plan accordingly. Since it will have a tomato upside under the box for herbs and lettuce, I need to keep it in as much sun as possible. So, I’ll do some research on that. But, I do love spinach, so may put that and chives in a smaller dish planter.

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