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By: Lucy

Feb 11 2012

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I got a wonderful surprise a few weeks ago. My friend, Ivania, sent me a set of games for the kids. My favorite game is the “Feeling” Fabric Matching Game. There are over 20 types of fabric swatches. There are two pieces of each fabric and you have to find its match. One of the pieces has the name of the fabric on it. Sean loved the game and was able to match most of the fabrics by himself. For the last few that were visually similar, I had him examine it closely by feeling it and holding it up to the light and telling me what he noticed. With this help, he was able to finish the rest. He also loved to learn the names of the fabric and kept repeating them. This game is great for practicing observation and making kids aware of the materials around them. Most kid clothes are made of cotton but once in a while when Sean is wearing fleece or Lycra, he gets a kick out of recognizing the material and would tell me about it.

These two other sets are made from scrapbook paper and felt pieces glued onto wooden chips. These are very cute and I had a similar idea except to use pictures of relatives for the kids to match so they will remember their names since most of them are all spread out across the U.S.

The last set is this bag of giant cardboard circles. They are the perfect size for Zack. His 2 year old mind has a better time focusing on these than the smaller pieces.

Now I have to figure out an awesome enough package to send back to Ivania and her little ones.

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  1. Yay! I’m so glad it was a hit with your kids! Can you tell I went a little nuts at the fabric store? Heh. I love your idea of the matching game with family members’ faces…I made wallet sized pics of the different families a while back…I need to bring those back out again. And you know that last game with the circular cardboard pieces? They’re just coasters, right? Well, now you have a use for them after he’s done playing with them. ;).

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