Mushroom Growing Kit

By: Lucy

Feb 10 2012

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I got this Back to the Roots pearl oyster mushroom growing kit as a present for Christmas. They are sold at Whole Foods Market and the “soil” is from coffee grounds that they reuse from Peet’s Coffee and Tea. There are regular directions on the box and then there was a paper insert of recommended directions which included placing the brick in a container of water overnight. We followed the mo’ better directions.

The company says that the mushrooms will grow after 10 days. After taking the slab out, making two openings in the shape of a plus sign, soaking it overnight, placing it near a window yet not in direct heat, and misting it twice a day, nothing happened. Ten days passed… three weeks passed… The company said to send the product back if it did not grow and we were about to but fortunately, our laziness paid off because after six weeks, Andy passed by the window and noticed that a whole bunch of mushrooms had sprouted.

I sliced them up with some butter and they were a tad chewy but delicious (I think I took too long to cut them). The company said that more would come up (up to 1.5 lbs.) so we left it sitting near the window. The kids and I misted it whenever we remembered and what do you know…

More mushrooms!

I am not sure if I have grown enough mushrooms to make up for the cost of the kit yet but the kids and I have had a lot of fun misting the plant and watching it grow.

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  1. Glad they finally grew! I was feeling bad that it seemed the kit was a complete flop. Hope you get lots more!

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