Sean’s Robot Donut Party

By: Lucy

Feb 09 2012

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Sean has been requesting a robot party for a while and when I asked him what he wanted to eat at the party, he said, “Donuts!”. I did a Google search for “robots donuts” and it turns out that there’s an artist named Eric Joyner that makes paintings of robots and donuts together! His art book inspired Sean’s 4th birthday party.

The birthday “cake” was a mountain similar to a painting he did in which a robot was climbing a mountain of donuts. I used donut holes instead.

Besides donuts, I had other snacks such as “baby donuts (Cheerios), “moon cheese” (cheese plate), “gears” (Ritz crackers), “nuts and bolts” (Chex mix), “computer chips” (potato chips), etc. I also made these robot cookies with icing made with natural food coloring. They turned out really bland looking. Next time, I will use the regular food coloring that makes kids act crazy but look much more vibrant 🙂

If you love carbs, how about this cupcake, donut, and cookie combo that Zack and I created? We used a circle cookie cutter and a pen cap to make the center of the sprinkled donut cookie. This is very kid friendly because they loved making the cookies and dipping it into the sprinkles after I squeezed icing onto the cookie.

Though it pained me to do it, I tore some pictures out of the art book for display.

Using a Groupon I got for Meri Meri, I got some Space Cadets themed items such as a giant spaceship, the banner above, and some partyware that came with 3-D glasses.

I made a robot pull pinata for the party. There are many strings on the bottom of the pinata but only one is attached to the door of the pinata.

The numbers on the counter is his birthdate and the gauge below it shows his age.

It’s hard to see but the ribbon that pulls open the flap is tied to a nut to keep it attached to the flap. I used a box that already had a flap so that was convenient. I didn’t have to attach the flap because it held by itself. The strings came from a curly rainbow bow so the curls made it hang inside the pinata without having to be attached by tape.

Here it is in action:

I am happy to report that the door actually worked and the robot is still in tact if anyone wants a robot for their party. I had all these robot and donut games planned such as eating donuts hanging from strings without using their hands, a robot dance contest, and making a robot craft but the kids were all sugared up. But that’s the best thing about throwing a brunch birthday party, you can get the kids all hyped up and then send them home 🙂




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  1. Looks like so much fun! You’re so creative, Lucy! I feel a part-time party planning gig in your future… You know, to help pay for Montessori. :-/

  2. That one party makes up for Xmas, New Years and everything else! So much hard work!

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