Month: February 2012

Library Play Area

We go to the library once a week and we love the self check-out kiosk. The kids always fight to be the one to scan the library card and books so I thought they would love a library area at home. They each have a Dr. Seuss book bag and I have two baskets of Read More

Salad container gardening

This is a chives and mesclun mix that I made last spring. Lettuce is always a great choice when planting with kids because it comes up so quickly and doesn’t require spacing or exact amounts of watering. It just requires cool days and a lust for lettuce. First, make holes on the bottom of the Read More

Matching Games

I got a wonderful surprise a few weeks ago. My friend, Ivania, sent me a set of games for the kids. My favorite game is the “Feeling” Fabric Matching Game. There are over 20 types of fabric swatches. There are two pieces of each fabric and you have to find its match. One of the Read More

Mushroom Growing Kit

I got this Back to the Roots pearl oyster mushroom growing kit as a present for Christmas. They are sold at Whole Foods Market and the “soil” is from coffee grounds that they reuse from Peet’s Coffee and Tea. There are regular directions on the box and then there was a paper insert of recommended Read More

Sean’s Robot Donut Party

Sean has been requesting a robot party for a while and when I asked him what he wanted to eat at the party, he said, “Donuts!”. I did a Google search for “robots donuts” and it turns out that there’s an artist named Eric Joyner that makes paintings of robots and donuts together! His art Read More