Advent Calendars

By: Lucy

Dec 06 2011

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I’m a big fan of advent calendars. Last year, I wrapped up 25 books and we opened and read one per day. This year, I was a little less ambitious and we have three advent calendars that are more hassle free.

I’ve always been a fan of the airmail envelopes that were used a few decades ago. My mom used to send and get mail from Vietnam in them and she would have a stack that she would read over and over. I bought these envelopes on Amazon and even though they are not exactly the same colors and texture, they were still very classy looking. I cut each envelope in half and used the ends of the other half to make the fold in the front. I also cut the inner sleeve a tad shorter and tucked it in so the note inside would be easy to put in and take out. I attached them using baker’s twine and dot stickers in the inner sleeve. I tried to stencil the numbers on but the texture of the paper led to a lot of bleeding so I just used number stickers.

Inside each day, I placed a note of a holiday activity for that day such as write a letter to Santa, make gingerbread houses, make gift wrapping paper with potato stamps, gather some toys to give to charity, etc.

The second advent calendar I have is a garland made from small stockings. It was hard to decide what small item would fit in those stockings. Sean loves letter puzzles so I found a beautiful, though pricey, one and I gift wrapped the frame for them to open the first day of December. Then for each day, the kids would take a letter out of each stocking and on the last day, they would have get two letters to complete the puzzle.

I mixed the letters up so each day it would be a surprise.

Our last calendar is the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar. Each day, you open a window and it has a figurine you put together. Andy has been pretty disappointed with it because this first week has just been stuff not from the original trilogy. Like two days ago, the figurine was the Mechano-Chair which is a chair that walks. That’s just wacky. But today, it was a Chewbacca figurine so things are starting to look up. I think this advent calendar is more for Andy than the kids because they have never seen Star Wars and they can’t put the figures together by themselves. Also, it only has 24 windows so nothing on Christmas? One saving grace, the last “galactic gift” is a Santa Yoda. Yeah!


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  1. You are so creative! Awesomely cute ideas.

  2. I like how you mixed the letters up, it should keep Sean entertained!

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