Up, up, and away!

By: Lucy

Nov 10 2011

Category: yellowpop


I am proud to say that we did not have to buy anything for Zack’s costume. All the clothes are his except the scarf which is mine. I just had to make the goggles and cardboard plane. For the goggles, I painted two apple juice lids silver and made holes in them. I glued them to half of the leather from a baseball. The previous owners had a son that played baseball so we have a bag of them in the garage. To take the skin off the baseball, I used an exacto knife and cut along the seams.

I glued the lids onto the leather by using super glue. Then I used a needle and thread an attached it to some elastic. It was pretty easy because I just pushed the needle through the holes leftover from the red stitching so I didn’t have to try to push the needle through the leather.

The cardboard box was fairly easy because I did not have to manipulate the cardboard much. Here’s a good tutorial about working with cardboard. I made slots for the wings and the part that holds the propeller then stuck the pieces in and duct taped them from the inside. I attached the propeller with a nut and bolt. I made a dashboard by leaving some cardboard in the front of the box and going on google to find some displays that are on a plane’s instrument panel. I printed some out and glued them on.

Happy flying!


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  1. You are so creative! Do you just make this stuff up or do you find it online? Either way, it’s adorable and I love that you repurpose old stuff. Happy flying, Zack!

  2. Thanks, Carla. I look for images on Google for cardboard box airplanes and then get ideas from them then make my own. For the goggles, I remember reading someone using the skin of a baseball to make some steampunk googles and filed it in my mind until now.

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