Zack’s Doggone Great 2nd Birthday Party

By: Lucy

Nov 08 2011

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Zack’s birthday and the day we celebrate the birthday for our dog, Genghis, falls within the same week. We decided to have a dog party to celebrate. Zack loves dog books so this party was inspired by his favorite dog books. The color scheme was inspired by the colored bandanas that they put on dogs and extra 4th of July decorations that we had on hand.

I saw this great site about things that you can just drop in the mailbox (as long as they are 13 ounces or less). It said you can mail frisbees by just putting mailing labels and stamps on them. I thought frisbees would fit in perfectly with the dog theme so I bought some eco-friendly frisbees that were on sale on Zulily and created invites using Blue Dog from a book about colors that explains why Blue Dog is blue. I printed it out on these templates that were meant for CDs. My original idea was to print out the dog party scene from Go, Dog, Go! but it was just too busy.

I affixed a dog shaped mailing label to the front and imagined the faces of the recipients when they’re handed the frisbee by the mail carrier. I only sent five out so the cost was about $4 per frisbee and exactly $2.05 for the delivery. This would be pricey if you had to send a bunch of invites though you can always go for the cheap ones that are a quarter each in bulk.

I made these cute doggie cookies. The cookie cutters were found at Sur La Table.

The cake pops were made by taking dipping Krispy Kreme donut holes into chocolate and then sprinkled with some 4th of July sprinkles I had left over. I recently saw that they had some chocolate covered doughnut holes now so I don’t feel so lazy using doughnut holes instead of making it from scratch. I mean, at least, I dipped them in chocolate by myself.

My sister made the garland that says, “Zack is 2!” and I made the number 2 covered in blue rosettes. I thought it fits the color scheme and looked like a bunch of best in show ribbons.

You just glue the ends together. For the little decorations in the middle of some of them, I used the background from free printable cupcake toppers and just customized it.

For the pinata, I used a Whole Foods bag. It has a hemp rope handle which I thought would make it sturdy but for the fringes, I used a Trader Joe’s bag.

The attendees were suppose to bring their own pet dogs to groom and play with but we had some in the dog pound for adoption and we also had an animal hospital and dog grooming station set up.

My sister , Kim, also made this Pin the Tail on Spot felt game.

We also had a reading center that had all of Zack’s favorite dog books.  We were planning on buying the dog a new bed anyways so we got one and used it for the party then gave it to the dog.

Here are some of our guests chowing down.

I didn’t feel like making a big cake for such a small party so I bought these Ding Dongs inspired cakes from Blu Moon Cafe. Happy birthday, little man.



7 Responses to “Zack’s Doggone Great 2nd Birthday Party”

  1. zach and sean will feel so special all their lives b/c their parents love and care for them so much. i love to see their smiling faces. love you all forever,

  2. Happy second birthday, Zachary.

  3. Great to see you blogging again. Love all the pictures of the birthday party. All too cute! Can’t wait to see more.

  4. What a fun party for Zack!

    And thank you, Lucy, for continuing to make the rest of us look bad. 😉

  5. Lucy, you are amazing. What a great party, I wish I could be your kid.

  6. Thanks, everyone. I enjoy making things. Now I just need to focus that energy on cleaning the house 🙁 Nice to see you on here, Aunt Jane, it’s been a long time.

  7. It’s beautiful! How do you find the time?

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