Month: November 2011

The red house with no doors and no windows with a star in the middle..

If you’ve taught preschool or even elementary school, you know exactly what the title means. I had forgotten about this activity until recently when the weather started getting colder. Sean was playing on the iPhone too much so I told him to go outside and look for a red house with no doors and no Read More

Up, up, and away!

I am proud to say that we did not have to buy anything for Zack’s costume. All the clothes are his except the scarf which is mine. I just had to make the goggles and cardboard plane. For the goggles, I painted two apple juice lids silver and made holes in them. I glued them Read More

Zack’s Doggone Great 2nd Birthday Party

Zack’s birthday and the day we celebrate the birthday for our dog, Genghis, falls within the same week. We decided to have a dog party to celebrate. Zack loves dog books so this party was inspired by his favorite dog books. The color scheme was inspired by the colored bandanas that they put on dogs Read More