Water Wall

By: Lucy

Aug 10 2011

Category: yellowpop

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This is a water wall I made for the kids inspired by a spontaneous one that Sean created a few days previously. We had a lot of plastic containers lying around because our house does not get recycling services so we have to haul it out a couple times a month. First, I made holes by putting a barbecue fork on the stove and pushing it through the containers. I attached straws or tubing to the bottom of some of them. I also made holes so I could hang the containers up on the peg board. The containers moved a lot so I used pipe cleaners to keep them in place.


On the bottom of the water wall are two buckets and I have to keep emptying them into the buckets next to the water wall so they reuse the water but a whole bunch gets washed away anyways. Well, we like to think of it as watering the grass and shrubs under the stairs.

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  1. Love it!

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