Month: August 2011

It’s like watching TV…

This is one of those easy yet startlingly beautiful things that can be done with items you already have: milk, food coloring, and dishwashing liquid. First, pour a glass of milk into a wide container. I used a cafeteria tray and whole milk (this is what the kids drink so this is what we have Read More

Water Wall

This is a water wall I made for the kids inspired by a spontaneous one that Sean created a few days previously. We had a lot of plastic containers lying around because our house does not get recycling services so we have to haul it out a couple times a month. First, I made holes by Read More

Sean’s Water Contraption

Sean calls this a marble run except with water. We had this planting shelf and lots of containers from the previous occupant and Sean created this contraption all by himself. He moved the containers so the water would fall into all of them as it went down each layer of the shelf. The wacky colors Read More