Zack’s Clay Creations

By: Lucy

Jun 11 2011

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The Z-man and I took a Mommy and Me pottery class for kids 9 months to 24 months given at Broad Ripple Park. It was once a week for a month and in each 30 minute class, we made a different piece of pottery. First, we started with a ball of clay.

Next, we were given tennis balls and we pounded the ball of clay until it was a flat circular lump about half an inch thick. Zack really enjoyed the pounding part.

We used stamps, doilies, and other interesting objects to create textures on the clay.

We made plates the first week. The following week, we made a plate and wrapped it around a cup to make a vase. Our last day, we used cookie cutters to cut out clay shapes that we pressed onto a bowl.

Here is the vase after we wrapped our stamped piece of clay around a glass. It was a tad asymmetrical but I thought it gave it character.

Here is Zack painting it with the colored glaze.

Here he is making the bowl by wetting the dinosaur cut-out with a clay/water mixture and then pressing it on the bowl shape next to him.

The bowl after a beautiful paint job.

The teacher takes the finished products with her and fires it in the kiln and we get it back a few weeks later. The parents have to help the kids throughout the process and do things like fit the pieces on the forms and painting the areas that the child leaves unpainted but it was a great experience for him to touch the clay and paint.

The plates are cute but not really useable because Zack kept poking holes in them. Here is the lovely bowl.

And my favorite is the vase which gives me an excuse to buy flowers once a week.

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  1. Zack is quite a potterer… He also looks so cute in the pics omg!

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