Listening Eggs

By: Lucy

Apr 21 2011

Category: yellowpop


Every year, our collection of plastic Easter eggs grow and I was reminded of a center activity that Mr. McKemy, a really creative teacher at my former school, made for his class. He filled a dozen eggs with different objects, placed tape around the middle, numbered the eggs, and the kids had to shake the eggs and on a paper, write what they think was in each egg. I simplified this idea and just used half a dozen eggs and made a little printout for the kids to sort the eggs. I chose familiar items for the kids: brown rice, Skittles, Cheerios, a rock, flour, and goldfish crackers. Our plastic eggs had tiny dots on the top of the eggs so for the egg with the flour, you have to use tape to cover the holes so the flour does not fall out.

The first time I showed it to Sean, he was only able to identify the flour and rock. He couldn’t figure out the rest and I thought the contents I had chosen were too hard for him. But we actually opened the eggs that were left over and which ones were hard and look at their sizes and we were able to figure out a few things: the rice sounds like maracas, the Skittles were much louder than the goldfish and Cheerios, and the goldfish were a little louder than the Cheerios because they are bigger and heavier. After that, he has been able to place the eggs in the right spots on the charts by shaking them and talking to himself about what we had learned from our observations.

I had the eggs closed by tape so the kids wouldn’t open them because the flour and rice would make a mess but Sean was really interested in checking them to make sure he had the answers right so we would open them up at the end anyways. I didn’t put the tape back on and even though I do find some rice or flour on the floor, it’s not a big deal. I think at this age, it does help them to see and touch the objects so they can understand texture and weight and hardness to help them guess which egg makes which noise. It also has an added bonus which is that I can change the objects into different eggs so they can’t just memorize what objects were in each colored egg.

I keep the eggs and chart in an egg carton that I had cut in half. It’s the perfect carrying case for this activity.

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  1. He is so into it, great activity.

  2. Sean loves it from the way he looks, great activity.

  3. Lucy what a super cute idea! I’m going to have to bookmark this one to use later with Luca! I love your blog=)

  4. Love it! Is this the kind of stuff you’re thinking for the craft exchange?

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