St. Patty’s Day Fun

By: Lucy

Mar 17 2011

Category: yellowpop


Our sunroom has a giant window with a great view of our oak tree. Many squirrels inhabit this tree so it’s a favorite spot for the kids and the dog to look out. Zack placed a stepstool in the middle of the window and likes to stand and observe his kingdom. I thought since Zack was there a lot during the day, we could wish our neighbors a Happy St. Patrick’s Day at the same time.
And this is what the neighbors can see (though the glare from the camera makes him seem outside).
And here is Andy showing his Irish roots (we told Sean it was root beer).

2 Responses to “St. Patty’s Day Fun”

  1. The squirrels must be wondering about that neverending rainbow beer mug.

    Pretty awesome…

  2. Oh, how fun!! You can draw too?! You never cease to amaze me, Ms. Lucy!
    I LOVE that giant window! 🙂 Root beer. LOL.

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