Wooden etched postcards

By: Lucy

Feb 13 2011

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I made these wooden change of address postcards this weekend. It takes me about an hour to do each one and with the kids, I have to fit it in during naps or when they are asleep so it’s slow going. I’ve always wanted to try wood burning etching but thought I had to have the right tools. I went to Michaels and saw that they had small pieces of wood that were the exact size I wanted and they even sell the wood burner (final cost for everything was $20).

You just plug the wood burner in and when it’s hot enough, just start drawing on the wood. You have to hold it and move it slowly to maintain consistency in the lines but then again, I like the handmade look of the inconsistent thickness of the lines. I think smelling the burning wood is bad for you so take precautions, whatever they are. Here are two others that I made.

This one is suppose to be a framed cross stitch.

I etched a line in the back of each postcard but decided to use my waterproof/fade-proof pen to write the new address, message, and mailing address. This is taking me more time than I had anticipated so don’t get too disappointed if you just get a mass FB message telling you my new address.

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  1. Yeah this is not an activity you can share with the little ones… Looks great!

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