Move It, Move It

By: Lucy

Feb 10 2011

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This morning, Andy went to take the trash cans to the curb in -8 degree weather while the boys and I watched from the window to make sure he did not end up like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining. Yes, we’ve moved from Austin to Indianapolis last week. We rented a duplex from Craigslist. Andy’s mom and her husband actually looked at the place a couple of days before we picked it. She described it as being a dump. She is know for being picky but we don’t completely disagree, but we rented it anyway. We can’t complain too much because the heating works which is the most important thing now. It reminds me of the apartments I rented in college, you know when they paint the place so many times that the cabinet doors won’t close completely. Oh well, the lease is only six months and the neighborhood (Broad Ripple) is pretty happening so everything will be okay. Also, my worst fear was the snow and cold but both are bearable and somewhat fun and beautiful.

I am not sure if this picture shows Zack loving the snow or thinking, “Get me in the house, I’m freezing!”

I made a kid sized snowman in our yard but the dog peed on it and ruined it. Here is a miniature size with a Devo hat that I made when I brought some snow into the bathroom for the kids.

Here are the kids using paints to color the snow in the bathtub.

We have been doing a lot of activities in the bathtub because it’s so easy to clean up afterwards. Here they are painting in the bathtub.

Here is Zack painting his face and licking the paint (I know every family has “that kid”).

One bad thing about the move is that our pod still has not arrived so the three days that I packed for has turned to a week and a half. It feels like camping except in your own house. Since the garage is accessible by the alleyway, we do not have a driveway so the pod has to be placed in the street in front of our house and so we had to get a dumpster permit for the driver to deliver our pod. We have bought some household items but there are things we need that I don’t want to buy because we already have them in the pod. For example, I got a can of chili at Trader Joe’s only to get home and remember that we do not have a can opener. But have no fear, Andy used a screwdriver to make a hole then tilted it and used another screwdriver to hammer it at an angle while I held the can and turned it a little at a time. Then he pried an opening wide enough for my beans to flow out.

He’s a real MacGyver isn’t he? Another thing I have resorted to doing is cooking everything on the stovetop in a pie tin because we have no pots or pans. Scrambled eggs and bacon in a pie tin is a winner. Clams in wine sauce is not.

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  1. I still haven’t taken the car seat out of my car. Luke and I like to pretend we forgot the kid somewhere. “I thought you had her!?!?!” I keep finding tiny socks at my house too.

  2. I cannot stress enough having multiple layers to insulate from the cold.

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