Crayon rubbings

By: Lucy

Jan 09 2011

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I got some beautiful Stockmar block crayons through one of my mommy co-ops. The block shape makes it easier for little hands to grasp (even Zack can use them) and the wide surface is perfect for making rubbings. I would place stencils on his activity table then cover them with butcher paper and tape it down. Sean loves to rub the crayons on the paper and find letters. Sometimes I make words too. He also enjoys slipping letters under the paper and making rubbings of them on his own too.

He realized that rubbings can be made from anything with texture so he has been slipping different things under the paper such as leaves or playdough toys. It has been teaching him to be more aware of textures and the sense of touch.

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  1. Ever since I was a child using the hymnal for pencil rubbings during church, I have loved to rub. Today, as a grown woman, I’m constantly seeking out new textures to rub, especially if we’re in a restaurant or waiting room. My three-year-old daughter thinks I’m nuts. Just wait until she gets the rubbing bug…

    I know Crayola makes triangular crayons, but they break easily. I’m going to have to seek out these block crayons!

    Where did you get those neat letter stencils?

  2. What a great idea! I have some in my closet and was wondering when the girls were ready to do this…and voila! Thanks!!
    Hey, can you share some of these mommy co-ops that you mentioned on your post…I think you also mentioned them when we talked in November at the UMC? I’d like to check it out when I get a chance. Such great ideas, love it!

  3. …i have the stencils, not the block crayons. The crayons sound really cool though – all natural stuff, you can’t beat that!!

  4. Katie- I got the stencils at Walmart. They were the simple ones they have for kids to use for things such as science fair posters.

    Ivania- I’ll talk to you about the co-ops next time I see you. They’re great but it seems like the money I save is usually used on stuff I don’t need.

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