Month: November 2010

Activity Bag Swap

One of my mom friends, Maia, threw an activity bag swap. Our group had 20 moms participating in it. Maia used a book that gave instructions on how to make different activity bags and for our group, the activities were about ages 3-5. Each participant gets a set of instructions on how to make their bags. I was Read More

Backyard Letter Wall

There’s a very cute preschool in Leander called The Good Earth Day School that we love to visit. They are Waldorf inspired so they are very play based and connected to nature and the community. They have wonderful classrooms and a petting zoo but Sean’s favorite thing about that school is the collection of wooden letters they Read More

Robot Costume

Sean loves seeing the Yo Gabba Gabba episode, “Robots”, so when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, his answer was, “Robot.” I scrounged the internet for DIY robot costumes and even though they were all cute, I wanted something more interactive and geeky. I knew I wanted the arms and legs to be Read More

UP costumes

This was my costume for Halloween. I was the house in the movie, UP, and my son, Zack, was Wilderness Explorer, Russell. I had two cardboard boxes and using some pictures I printed from the internet, started cutting and folding the form of the house. To have the pieces stay in place, I used clear packing tape. The Read More