Month: August 2010

Solar Oven Part 2

We tried the solar oven again this time with cookies and then crayons. The crayons turned out the best so I will tell you about them first. I had a cookie pan of “boy” things such as rockets, planes, cars, and sports. I know, it’s sexist but they were so cute I couldn’t resist. We had some broken Read More

Solar Oven

Yesterday, it was suppose to be the last over 100 degrees day in Austin (so they say) so we decided to test out our solar oven. It was also a perfect time because we just got new appliances but Andy hadn’t installed the microwave yet. Another teacher did this with my class when I was teaching 2nd Read More

Opo Squash

I use to sell Round Rock Honey at the farmer’s market and met a lot of cool vendors, mostly farmers. One of them is this couple with two kids who loves farming hence the name Two Happy Children Farm. The wife is Vietnamese so they grow a lot of Asian vegetables and herbs. I was Read More

Tall guys

I made these animals for Sean to play with on his train table. Even though he can balance them, he spent most of the time carefully moving them around so he didn’t get to really play with them. I think he needs a few more years to be able to maneuver them efficiently for imaginative play. The Read More

DIY kitchen

We made this kitchen from an IKEA Rast table a while back. I mean, we started a while back but recently just finished it. It looks easy and it probably took Andy a few hours to make it but there were so many little things that we had to constantly change before the kitchen was officially complete. The Read More

Bubble wrap art

Sean was finger painting and made a really cute bee on the paper and I wanted to finish it by making a hive. I thought bubble paper would work great for the hive so I looked around the house for some but couldn’t find any. Then I found a padded envelope, opened it, and placed paint on Read More

Breaking the Ice

I saw this idea on a friend of a friend’s website called The Picky Apple. You just grab a bunch of their toys and freeze them in a block of ice then give them a hammer to break the toys out. We used a mallet instead. It was fun to go around the house finding toys he hadn’t Read More

Tree Tags

It’s hard to grow plants here in Texas. That’s why Texans love their wildflowers (don’t call them weeds) and their trees (even the freaking Mountain Cedar whose pollen plagues me all winter long). If a tree is 8 inches in diameter, measuring from the base to 4 1/2 feet above ground, then it is a protected tree. Read More