Month: July 2010

Bigger Marble Run

It was raining today so we stayed in and built this marble run. I broke up a big cardboard box and placed it on the wall with two bookshelves holding up the sides. I then taped the top up with blue painter’s tape. I went around the house looking for different things to use in our marble run. Building Read More

Little Marble Run

I made the above contraction for Sean following the plans found on Made by Joel. You drop a marble in a hole in the top of the cereal box and it slides down three ramps that were made from the cut off side of the box. The marbles collect on the bottom and won’t fall out if Read More

Coffee Filter Flowers

When I was teaching, I had a lesson plan on chromatography which is just a fancy term for separating the mixtures that is used to make certain colors. Like for example, if you use a black marker, the color is not from one source that is black but rather, it’s a mixture of colors that come Read More

Cake…In a Jar!

I have been trying to taste a new product each week at the Cedar Park Farmer’s Market. I saw a vendor called The Cake Jar and did a double take. They make cake in a jar! This reminded me of last week when Andy and I watched The Jerk on Netflix’s Watch Instantly and there was one part Read More

Milwood Craft Club

A couple of days ago, I went to the first get-together for the Milwood Craft Club. It said all ages so I brought Sean but I think this is more of an adult or older child sort of event. There were over 10 people with diverse backgrounds and ages coming together to craft together. The crafts were diverse Read More

Shipley’s Donuts Field Trip

We came late to the field trip so we missed the first part of the tour when they actually make the donuts. Did you know they come in at 2 AM to start the process? Yes, a career in donuts will not be in my future. We came right when they were showing the machine that is used Read More

Wooden Truck Marker Holder

You know what the worst thing about kids using markers? Losing the caps! By request, Andy made me this truck marker holder out of two chunks of wood. He had a hard time making the wheels but we went to Michael’s and in the woodworking area, they had wooden wheels that were just the right size for the Read More

Petco Field Trip

We just took a field trip to Petco with my neighborhood mom group. Even though it was an official field trip with tour guides, we usually go to the pet store a couple of times a month to get food for the cat and dog and always go see the animals. This day, they took a guinea Read More

Our Fish Family

We’ve had this aquarium for about three months now. The glass needs cleaning because our catfish and snails died and they use to clean it. The rest of the fish have survived. We bought the danios and tetras at Petsmart and I won the goldfish at a fair. I am wary of getting attached to fish because they seem Read More

Hot Air Balloon Art

Since we made the hot air balloons, Sean has been more interested in real hot air balloons. I showed him some videos on YouTube and he has a book about flight that has a section about them. The funny thing is that Sean has had hot air balloon art in his room even before he was born. His Read More

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