Month: June 2010

Alphabet with Beans

A preschool classic – glueing beans to make letters or numbers. Sean loves letters. I mean LOVES them. He is not a big TV watcher but he clocks in about two hours of YouTube videos a day on letters. I know, that’s a lot of hours but I do need to shower and eat during the day too. Read More

Things in Texas That I Will Miss #1- HEB

I am in a homeschool mommy group, I know, I don’t plan to homeschool but I have a friend that is an organizer for the group and I signed up for the field trips.┬áRecent trips have included the post office and the fire station.┬áThis field trip was to HEB, possibly the greatest supermarket in the Read More

This year’s World’s Greatest Dad trophy goes to…

Andy! It was a close race this year but once again, Andy managed to edge out the competition going into overtime this month with two sick kids, a wife with a bad knee, a vomiting cat, and a crazy dog. This past weekend was Andy’s “best Father’s Day ever” because unlike my usual habit of running Read More

A Blessing Circle

I had not heard of a blessing circle until I was preparing for Zack’s birth. It’s based on a blessingway, a traditional Navajo ceremony to mark important life passages. I have been running with the crunchy moms lately and a lot of them are having blessing circles instead of baby showers. The one I attended was lead Read More

We <3 Rainbows

On June 1st, 2009, President Barack Obama proclaimed June to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender pride month. We made a rainbow collage to celebrate. Sean, coincidentally, just happened to be wearing beads during the project. 1) Tear different colored construction paper. Sean could tear the big pieces but I had to make a tear mark for the Read More


Welcome to the new and improved Yellowpop! Less talking but more pictures and projects. This is a digital scrapbook of our time together and to inspire others to share their activities too. Read More